All Saints' Churchyard Trail

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Did you know?

You're now standing at the main entrance to All Saints' Church.  There has been a church here for nearly a thousand years, and this building is now over five hundred years old.

The inside of the church still has original wood and stonework that is as old as the church itself, and some bits that are even older.  The oldest thing inside the church is the stone altar at the very East end of the church, which was found in the graveyard and restored to its original use.

What next?

Keep walking down the path, with the church on your left, until you get to the end of the church.  Then take the path away from the church, towards the car park in Darton Park.

Why not try......

Pretend you are from five hundred years ago, and have been asked to build a church.

Do you think you could lift any of the stones to start building?

Have a look

If the church is open, why not come in and have a look.

If there is something going on, why not stop and listen.

If the church is closed, have a look at the noticeboard to see when we might be open next, and we would love to welcome you in and show you around this amazing church.