All Saints' Churchyard Trail

You've scanned QR code 3

Did you know?

This church has been at the centre of the community for many centuries. The path you are now standing on was completed, in 2020, making a walkway from the village to the church, and providing easy car parking.  This path is used daily by many dog walkers, and brings many people into the churchyard for all sorts of events.

Why not try...

 Look all around you at the size of the graveyard.  How long do you think it takes to cut the grass?

See if you can spot five different styles of grave stone. Which shape is  most common?

What next?

Go back the way you came.  When you reach the church, go to the right and follow the path around until you come to the next QR code, opposite the other wooden door into the church.

Click here to find more information about volunteering and the things you can be part of in this church and graveyard.

Have a look

This area of the churchyard has many different plants and trees. Some only appear in different seasons.  How many different types of plants and trees can you name?