All Saints' Churchyard Trail

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Did you know?

When someone dies, they can be buried in a coffin, or they can be cremated, and their ashes buried in the ground.  Here, you can see where people's ashes have been buried - the stones help us to remember people we love.

Why not try...

Imagine that someone was writing something about you to put on a stone, so that people could remember you in a hundred years' time. What would you want to be remembered for?

What next?

Walk back to the church  to where the Christmas tree stands at Christmas. Opposite the big door there are two stones with lots of names on. 

You'll find the next QR code there.

Click here to find some of the more unusual things

that have been said about people on their stones.

Have a look

Have a look at some of the stones.  How can you tell that some of them have been visited recently? What do some of the stones tell you about the people whose ashes are buried there?