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All Saints' Churchyard Trail

You've scanned QR code 10

To begin the trail, please go to the entrance to the churchyard off Barnsley Road, where you will find QR code 1.

Did you know?

This church has been at the centre of the community for many centuries. The path you are standing on was completed in 2020, making a walkway from the village to the church, and providing easy car parking.  It's used daily by people coming into the churchyard for all sorts of events, and by dog walkers. From the bottom of the steps, you can turn right into the park, or left to the village - and our Parish Hall, which hosts many other village events and can be hired for different occasions.

Why not try...

Look around you at Darton

Park. The park is a

central part of the village

and, in recent years, the

Darton West Ward Alliance

has worked continuously to improve it.

How many different facilities can you see for the use of local people? 

Have a look...

The Parish Hall was built in MDCCCXVIII..... When? Can you work it out? When you go into the village, have a look at it and see what its original purpose was.

What next?

You've now completed Darton's Churchyard Heritage Trail.  We hope you enjoyed your tour, and we look forward to welcoming you back any time you would like to come.

Click here to visit the home page of our website and find more information about the church and events that take place.

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