All Saints' Churchyard Trail.
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Did you know?

Just inside the gate, the first thing that you will notice is the War Memorial. Similar memorials are found in most villages in England - and throughout Europe. These are to help us to remember soldiers who have died in wars, both many years ago and recently. It may well be that someone in your family has fought in a war. Every year, a special service is held to pay tribute to soldiers who have died in war. This is held on the Sunday closest to November 11th.

Why not try...


Look around the stones at the base of the cross. Can you see any flowers? Poppies are used as a sign of remembrance. Can you find out why they are used for remembrance and when this started?

Have a look

Have a close look at this memorial, reminding us of those who have died in wars. Why do you think that it was placed in this exact spot? Think about the world we are living in now and of other countries you can name where wars are still going on. 

What next?

Walk down the path to the side door of the church.  The next QR code is beside the door.

Click here for a personal testimony to what life in Darton was like during wartime.