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All Saints' Churchyard Trail

You've scanned QR code 4

Did you know?

This church is over five hundred years old. None of the existing grave stones are quite that old, but some of the ones near where you are standing are very old indeed. Several of them are listed, so they have been recognised as being historically important.

Why not try...

See if you can find the grave

stone shown in this photograph.

Several very old gravestones

are close to this spot.

Which is the oldest?

Which do you think is most unusual?


Have a look...


Have a look up at the clock on the tower.  Can you see the year in which the clock was installed? You will also notice that the top edge of the tower has crenellations, where there are alternate stones and gaps. Where do you more often see these?

What next?

Continue to walk with the church tower on your right, and then follow the path around the church.  Look out for the next QR code on your left as you pass the wooden church door on your right.

Click here for more information on Grade I and Grade II listed buildings and structures in Darton.

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