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All Saints' Churchyard Trail

You've scanned QR code 6

Did you know?

As well as the people who are remembered on the gravestones you've been looking at, there are others buried under the church itself.  In particular, people who have had an important role in the church or the village would have been honoured this way.


On the wall of the church

are the Leech stones,

commemorating several

generations of an important local family,

two of whom were vicars here at All Saints'

for 67 years between them!

Why not try...

Several of the people listed on the stones died as children, and some of the women died young. What can you work out about the causes of this? What does it tell you about life in the 18th century? 

Have a look...

Look around you at the impressively large and spreading trees. Why do you think people chose to plant so many trees in this area? Can you name any of the types? 

What next?

Continue on this path around the church, then turn left at the main door and head towards the Liberal Club.  At the wall, turn left again and keep walking until you see the next QR code where the graveyard opens up to your right.

Click here for a list of all of the Vicars and Rectors of Darton who have served this church and the one previously built on this site.  Do you know the difference between a vicar and a rector?

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