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All Saints' Churchyard Trail

You've scanned QR code 7

Did you know?

In this area of the churchyard are many of the largest of the remaining stones. Sadly, some of them have also been damaged - but think how you would look if you had been standing here in all weathers for 200 years!

Why not try...

Think about the different ways in which stones have been important symbols, celebrated in real life and in stories.  Click here to see if you can identify three significant stones and the stories two of them are associated with.  Then click here to read about the very important stone found in our churchyard.

Have a look...


Look at the very different designs

of the stones. Which designs

have been most damaged

by the weather?

Which types of stone seem

to be the strongest?


What next?

Carry on along this path into the graveyard, and take the first path on your right.  Follow this all the way to the wall at the far end, where you will find the next QR code.

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