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All Saints' Churchyard Trail

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Did you know?

This churchyard contains twenty four Commonwealth War Graves, reflecting the number of local people who have been killed in wars across the world. Most, but not all, were killed during the first and second World Wars, but while walking in the churchyard you may see graves of others who also died serving in the armed forces.


Why not try...

You have just walked past three Commonwealth War Graves. See if you can spot which features they have in common, and in what ways the stones are different from the other stones in the graveyard.

Have a look...

Look closely at some of the stones and see what you can discover about the range of regiments people served in, the ranks they held, and the  jobs that they carried out. 


What next?

Go back down the path you came on, and turn right at the first crossing.  Follow this path to the next post at the bottom of the churchyard.

Click here for details of all the Commonwealth War Graves in Darton.

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