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All Saints' Churchyard Trail
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Did you know?

You're standing at the main entrance to the churchyard, and to the church.  For over 500 years, people have walked through into the church from here to get married, they've been carried through here at the end of their life before being buried in this churchyard, and they've walked down this path every day because it's an important place in their village.

Why not try...

Many different animals live in

this churchyard. 

Can you spot any of our squirrels?

Have a look...

The red notice board in front of you tells you what is going on in the church.  Things have happened in this church most days for over 500 years, and there is still lots to do. What time does our Sunday service start? 

What next?

Walk into the Churchyard and look at the War Memorial on your right.  The next QR code is on the left as you get there.

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